#where there’s a brooding team arrow member there’s felicity smoak with a hot beverage

These are also the only coffee mugs in all of Starling City. Or QC gave them out as holiday gifts the year before. 

Neah, it’s just that in the first scene, Felicity gave Oliver her mug, the one she brought to the office from home, cause all the coffee cups in their kitchenette at QC are way to small for the amount of milk Felicity and Oliver like in their coffee. 

I’m not going to be satisfied with this season until Felicity gives Sarah some tea.

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"A young man… —let us draw his portrait with a single stroke of a pen: picture to yourself Don Quixote at eighteen, Don Quixote husked, without hauberk and greaves, Don Quixote dressed in a woolen dublet whose blue color has been transformed into an elusive nuance of wine lees and celestial azure. A long, brown face; prominent cheekbones a token of shrewdness, enormously developed jaw muscles, an infallible sign by which to recognize a Gascon, even without a beret, and our young man was wearing a beret, decorated with a sort of feather; eyes open and intelligent; nose hooked but finely drawn; too tall for an adolescent, too small for a grown man, and whom the inexperienced eye would have taken for a farmer’s son on a journey,were it not for his long sword, hung from a leather baldric, which slapped against its owners calves when he was on foot, and against the bristling hide of his mount when he was on horse back."

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You have everything, and still the world holds no joy; and yet you insist on making fun of those who would see it for its possibilities.

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